July Conference

Thursday 8th July 2021






We successfully ran our first physical conference on the 8th July, with just under 40 attendees at the event, and a further 50+ follow us on line.    We are particularly grateful to all our presenters for their presentations and contributions to the discussion panel, and also to all those who attended. 


We had asked that attendees had received BOTH their Coronavirus Vaccinations, or at least their first, prior to the event.   We are delighted that over 80% of attendees had been double vaccinated, and less than 20% had only received their first vaccine, and no one who was unvaccinated attended the event.         


The recordings of the event are available in the members area of the  website, as well as most of the presentations.   There are currently 2  further presentations to upload, to make these available, but these are  already available in the recording.


Dimtris Hiotis - Partner - Simon-Kucher & Partners

“Revenge Travel: How the post pandemic demand revolution is a trigger for change for Revenue Management Practices”

Dimitris Hiotis and Rosalind Hunter from Simon-Kucher & Partners were able to support RMAPI last year with their May Webinars, and they also presented at our November Webinars. During the pandemic, at these webinars, they highlighted the phenomenon of Revenge Travel. Dimitris will explain how this is acting as a trigger for change in Revenue Management Practices.

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Discussion Panel - Facilitated by Warren Mandelbaum – IDeaS

“Dealing with the Organisational Impacts and Challenges from the Pandemic – ‘Doing more, with less’".

Panel Members are:

Russell Low - Amaris Hospitality

Roland Seddon - MRK Associates

Corin Burr - Director and Founder of Bamboo Revenue

We are still living in exceptional circumstances and some markets are recovering quicker than others. Despite a lot of noise around useless historical data (manually or in an automated environment) why is taking informed, data driven decisions more important than ever for an optimal recovery?

The pandemic has caused a dual effect on staffing – many European members of staff have left the UK, and others have elected to take completely different, and non hospitality, career changes.

These can mean that those in Revenue Management are obliged to do more, with less resources - ‘Doing More with Less’. The Panel will explore what this really means, and what it implies, such as a need, perhaps, for more technology.

In addition to ‘Doing More with Less’ by exploiting the technology the panel will explore what other trends do we see in our industry? Org structure changes, tactics, operational changes, Tech Stack changes etc..

What is out there around profitability? – supporting hotels with identifying services and distribution costs to calculate Net ADR and Net RevPAR; this should be a link to Total Revenue Management. We now need to be flexible and use metrics to understand key deliverables such as net profit and true cost of sale.


Roland Seddon - Managing Director - MRK Associates

“The long term staffing effects of COVID on Revenue Management employers and their workforce”

Covid has had obvious short terms effects on the workforce across the world over the last 12 months with no industry worse affected than Hospitality. The enforced lockdowns and changes in people’s habits has fundamentally altered workers’ expectations of their employers. In addition, the Hospitality sector has pushed advancements in technology and reopens with less staff but wanting just as much, if not more, from the Revenue Management workforce. Is this going to work or will it result in large numbers of people changing jobs as soon as the market recovers? Is there going to be the available talent in Revenue Management when more people are needed?

Roland Seddon, Managing Director of specialist Revenue Management recruitment business MRK Associates, will outline the trends we’ve seen over the last 12 months (and they’re not as obvious as you may think), the position of the current marketplace and the challenges employers are undoubtedly going to face as we return to pre-covid levels of business.

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Eric Campbell-Westlind - Head of Revenue Optimisation - LNER

Chris James - Team Leader - Revenue Growth LNER

Gareth Hawkins - Commercial Director - Revenue Analytics

"Developing an award-winning RMS for Passenger Rail"

LNER and Revenue Analytics recently won the Technical Innovation of the Year Award at the Rail Business Awards. Gareth Hawkins and Chris James will take us through the journey LNER and Revenue Analytics went on to design FareVantage. Their presentation will include what they learned from other sectors, and the identification of the unique challenges within rail, as well as explaining the benefits of FareVantage.


Andrew Clowes - Manager Commercial Planning & Analysis at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

“Improving collaboration and agile decision making in a pandemic”

Find out how and why Wyndham Hotels & Resorts created a Commercial Planning & Analysis Team in the middle of the pandemic to deliver improved efficiency and collaboration across Commercial and Operational teams in EMEA – and how the rigorous focus on data visualisation and a single version of the ‘truth’ helped improve adoption, engagement and better decisions.



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