November Conference

Thursday 4th November 2021






Having run a successful first physical conference on the 8th July, with just under 40 attendees at the event, and a further 50+ follow us on line, we will again hold our 4th November event as a physical event.

We are again asking that attendees are double vaccinated against Coronavirus and perform a lateral flow test within < 2 days of the event.             


We also recognise the fact that many members remain hesitant to travel into central London, and we will therefore again make this conference available online.    

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Neil Corr - Senior Sales Specialist, Global - Emerging Innovations - IDeaS

Laura McNally - Area Manager, Strategic Account Management - EMEA - IDeaS

“New Innovations Driving Operational Efficiencies & Optimization Post-Pandemic”

We will be exploring how new innovations in hospitality tech can further target the renewed focus on operational efficiencies and revenue optimization in our industry, brought into even sharper focus in the current climate. None of us know what recovery truly looks like, so at IDeaS we continue to explore how we can support our clients to make revenue, and ultimately profit, count. It takes a commitment to drive innovation and that has always been part of IDeaS' ethos.

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Oliver Ranson - Ranson Pricing Limited - Airline Pricing Strategy Consulting

“Dynamic Offer Generation”

Travel service providers have been speaking about becoming retailers for years, but efforts towards IATA’s NDC have focused on technical compliance rather than delivering to consumers. Operators committed to retail will need to generate and optimise content, which means specific offers bundling different products in different ways, that are expected to be most appropriate for specific customers at specific times. Oliver Ranson's presentation will explore the internal architecture of offer generation and optimisation processes, showing how the outcome may be different for an airline, railway or hotel than traditional seat or room management.

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Discussion Panel - Facilitated by Ally Northfield – Revenue by Design

We discuss the suggestion that Revenue Management could go in one of two ways – to become ‘just an operational function’, or to move to a key position within organisations in which Revenue Management drives the strategy and direction.

Panel Members are:

Jens Munch - PACE Revenue

Clinton Campbell - APEX Hotels

Nayan Peshkar - Hertz

The subject derives from an apparent split in the role from what we could call “keystroke” operators that manage the distribution landscape and the inventory management tasks, and those that have a more strategic role that could subsequently develop into a commercial role.

As we see the role in Revenue Management for hoteliers expanding to cover digital marketing, does this contend with what might be seen as a responsibility of marketing?

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Claire Hennebel - Head of Revenue Optimisation at Avanti West Coast

Sean De Burca - Regional Revenue Manager

Marco Dal Sie - Senior Pricing Manager

“Launching STANDARD PREMIUM, a new class of accommodation at Avanti West Coast”

In September 2021, Avanti West Coast became the first UK rail operator in 65 years to bring back a third class of travel, with their 'Standard Premium'. Following research with customers and successful trial period, the product is now available as an advance purchase or upgrade on day of travel.

In their presentation, Claire and her team will explain how, as a Revenue Management and Pricing department, they had to revamp the whole offer structure and overcome many retailing challenges in order to present to the customer a comprehensive offer, sitting between Standard and First. We are delighted that they are happy to share their journey and lessons learnt so far!


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