We are at last planning a return to normal, with a physical conference planned for Thursday, 8th July, in London.


This has been moved from the original date in early June. The rationale for this date is that it will be more than 2 weeks after Step 4 in the UK Governments Roadmap out of Lockdown, at which it is planned that there will be "no legal limits on social contact".


Currently, in the UK, the Vaccination Programme is progressing extremely well.   Specifically, at the time of writing - early April - 32 million (out of 53 million adults) have received their first COVID-19 Vaccinations.  Between now and our Conference on the 8th July, we expect all our members to have received at least their first vaccination, and many their second.
We will follow the guidelines in force at that time, and we expect this may mean we will be offering Lateral Flow tests on arrival for those who have only received one vaccination, or who are exempt.





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